Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Weekly Name and Shame

Drumroll please...

Weekly Name and Shame: -600g

this exercise feels a bit like the tortoise and the hare - it is a case of INCHING the weight downwards. I suppose that if I could spend 4 hours a day doing training whilst locked in a glamorous mansion I could lose more, but I have bills to pay.

Maybe if I win lotto I can treat myself to a fortnight away at a health spa.....

Damn. I will now sit here in the office for the rest of the day fantasising about what that would be like!

Didn't get to do any more artwork on the weekend - in fact I worked. (grumble, grumble) I won't get anything done this weekend either as I am off to Sydney for a friends 50th birthday (must make a card this week before I go). I am *hoping* that I get a couple of days' break at Easter so that I can get some things done - like produce a sample for a class at Stamp Camp in April!.

speak to you all soon!


Bellany said...

Surely your work owes you 2 weekends now because you've had to work both (and one of them was a long weekend). Good weight loss. Stick with it.Cuting out alcohol entirely will help.

LizzieA01 said...

what a wowser you are!

Bellany said...

Just telling it like it is. Its a reality it would help (well at least that is what my Jenny Craig consultant told me 20 years ago when I did it for 6 months).