Sunday, March 9, 2008

Tags and more

Hi all,

Well I was a lucky girl during the week and received a stack of stuff in the mail - and all of it beautiful! I was particularly excited to receive a tag swap back from the very talented Julian Buttenshaw, and thought that I would share. The photos do not do it complete justice, particularly as Julian has used the great demengiefever treatment for transparencies, which give the piece a huge amount of depth and interest.

And there was an even nicer surprise waiting on the back. Reds + texture! This piece was absolutely custom made for me!

Thankyou, thankyou Julian.

I am struggling with a collaborative bookpage at the moment - it seemed like a good idea to sign up for this in November, but I am struggling. The collab book theme is surrounding wonders (ie nature) and the book has to be done in blues and greens. I was in a good blue-green phase when I signed up, but now it is long gone! I will have to continue with doodles / fiddles until something comes up (which usually means that I end up with a LOT of ATC backgrounds). I may have to have a play with some texture paste to get the juices flowing a bit.

On other matters my car window was smashed on Friday night in a parking station in the CBD - some little b^#@#^*& had decided that a late night rampage would be a good idea and broke into my car looking for Penelope (my navman). Fortunately, Penelope was at home but as it is a long weekend O'Brians glass can't fix it until next week. The upshot is that I am without a car until Wednesday because there is only gladwrap covering the passenger side "window". The real irony if this was that I was being responsible leaving my car on Friday night because I thought that I had had 1 too many drinks to drive, and would be better off collecting my car the next morning. So, being responsible drops me an insurance level rating, which means that my insurance will cost more, I have to pay the excess, I paid extra to leave my car overnight in the CBD, and had taxi fares. All in all a VERY expensive evening.

From the keyboard of the disgruntled (and poor) Liz


Bevlea said...

bummer about the car Liz... hope what goes around comes around for the creep.....


LizzieA01 said...

Thanks Bevlea - I am hoping that Karma will come up and bite him on the bum.

Fingers crossed for last nights lotto!

Bellany said...

Hey Liz. No good - enough to make a person stop drinking! I will email you a pic of nz with blues and greens. Bee x

drmarty62 said...

The tag is beautiful. Thank goodness you had something beautiful to look at to help you deal with those awful criminals.

Gretz said...

Oh dear Liz, I'm sorry to hear your car got damaged - at least they didn't get Penelope! AT least you have some good luck - you seem to be getting paired up with Julian a lot LOL