Sunday, March 29, 2009

and the art OOZED from every pore (part 2)

I wanted to add a couple of extra photos from retreat for you all to enjoy...

The first is DJ Pettit's classroom - great views from the windows, and fantastic light!

This one is a snap of Joan McAlpine in Bernie's class with me. Boy, am I going to get in trouble for posting this one... but the concentration was something else!

You will all be aware of the 50 houses that I had to make for retreat (oh the pain), well I took a wooden ruler (an old yard one) for Joan and I, thinking that all 50 would fit. When we mounted them I had about 10 left over!!! Therefore 40 houses to a yard?

Here are some photos of the finished presentation :

and close ups of some additional decoration...

I have placed mine on the doorframe between the back and front part of the house. Having an old home, the ruler fits perfectly!

I will have some more things to share later today.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

and the art OOZED from every pore (part 1)

where to start with this blog post... from the beginning I suppose!

WOW, what a fantastic time I had at creative soul retreat! I am still a little tired, but artistically energised... This was the place we stayed at - Amberley (Stephanie's classroom was in that room with the arched windows).

I deliberately wanted to do a class with each tutor. DJ Pettit was my first on Saturday. Lovely lady, incredibly talented.

and I made this... isn't it great!

heaps of work for 1 day, and it is still not finished. pages to be done, beading at the bottom and on the spine, but I will get to that soon.

Day 2 was Stephanie Lee. WOW, never did I think that I could make jewellery like this.

Stephanie was a fantastic teacher... she made sure that every person in the class had some time with her (which is not something I usually get). I really appreciated what she did and have a newfound respect for jewellery artists.

Third day was Bernie Berlin, and this class was my FAVOURITE....

(I was too busy in the class doing art to remember to take a photo, so snapped one from afar in the break - but it is a lovely pic of both Steph and Bernie)

These pieces are great, and I am very happy with them. I struggled with the process a little, but will absolutely do it again (I was afraid of the bright red paint in the middle of the everything).

I will blog again later, but just wanted to get this one out today.



Sunday, March 8, 2009

Well, hellooo

Hi all,

Things are hotting up around my house at the moment - I am rushing to try and get organised for Creative Soul Retreat 2009... In addition to packing bags (which is based on a loose "piling" system at the moment) I have been rushing to finish 50 - yes, you heard it right, 50, little houses. And they all look like this:

Whew! (sorry about the crummy pic....)

Competition Time

Beachhouse Boulevard is running a monthly comp for scrapbooking - and (gasp) I have entered! What am I thinking??!!?? Oh well, true to form I refused to be too traditional, and if you look back to last month's blog entries you can see a post about 1 of my comp entries (yes, I did a couple) .

If you head over to the blog you can see all the entries, and there is some stiff competition.

Up in Tumba

Since my last post I have been back up to Tumba for Tumba fest weekend. I had a great time, and th0ught I would share a few photos...

wine (from a great little winery - Mannus wines)


and a creek

what a great day!

blog you later!