Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekly Name and Shame & stuff

Well, lets get it over with...

Weekly Name and Shame: -100g

sorry about the delayed post - work has been ridiculous, and I had to wait an extra 2 days for my weigh in. Had a bad week this week - work stress. Ho hum.

On other (more interesting) matters I have been relatively quiet on the art front due to work, but have managed to finish a couple of things.

The first is Kit Swap VIII for Arty Oz (apologies for the quality of the scan - nothing seems to be working well for me today). In a kit swap we can't use anything other than what is provided.

The next is an altered book in a tin for paperarts (I am currently doing July swaps). This is the tin:

Inside 1:

and inside completely open.

Hopefully I will get the long weekend this weekend and not have to work, so I can knock off a couple of other things! Will keep you all posted...

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Bellany said...

Hi Liz, Its good to see your crazy job didnt stop you losing weight because I know what long hours you put in (as evidenced by the 2am shift you did when I visited you)! Well done. Keep it up. Like your artwork. Much love Bee.x