Sunday, January 4, 2009

My gorgeous nephew

I am practicing my raspberries on Roy......

This is a 3 year old who is living the moment.
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Happy New Year everyone

Hi all,

I am back from the farm, feeling very refreshed and relaxed... and thinking about the cleaning I need to do around the house this afternoon! A bit of procrastination never goes astray - eh wot?

I didn't do any art whilst away, and besides - a large part of the cleaning that I mentioned is in my art space....

as you can see, not a pretty sight!

It was great up at Tumbarumba, and the kids loved their christmas presents from me... Roy got a bike, and Emma a dolly pram:

Even Harry seemed to enjoy himself, except for the bit where he got stuck under the gate (how very Winnie-the Pooh of him).

The walks in the paddock were fantastic.

and even though Ross was busy building a shed:

It was great to spend time with Jill

Wishing you all a happy, healthy 2009...