Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My god it's a midweek update!

Whatever willl happen next? stars falling from the sky... who knows!

I received a couple more photos of the etching class from Jo Hughes and thought that I would share.

Unfortunately I don't have a "good side" at the moment unless it involves a knee-length paper bag (oh well)....

My ArtyOz Christmas Present

This is very remiss of me, I have been meaning to blog this since Christmas, but just didn't get around.

In the ArtyOz 1 on 1 christmas swap, the fabulous Teresa did my gift. She knows how much I love red... so she made me a red book! It is sooo cool.....

I was very lucky. Now the world can be envious of ME!

Thanks again Teresa, I love it (it has pride of place on my TV cabinet)

blog you later



Jen Crossley said...

Good side yeah we both do somewhere LOL
Thanks again for coming to my class

Judy said...

looks fun!