Sunday, November 16, 2008

whew - time for reinvigoration

well hello all.

hasn't it been a while since my last post. I survived the viral pneumonia but the personal toll on me was high... and the recovery time was long. It was difficult to juggle work and recovery so the blog has lain fallow since the end of August.

To reinvigorate it's (flagging) life, I have added a new background and colour scheme (rather cute huh!)...

what have I been up to other than work and recovering?

I attended a great workshop organised by Kath and Marg with Judy Wilkenfeld. Great class... Teresa took a photo on the day - here it is:

what a gorgeous bunch! Needless to say, I haven't finished my piece. But as I get a little closer I will post some pics to share.

I participated in a US swap for christmas ornaments hosted by Lenna Andrews. Apparently they are winging their way back as we speak, and here are the ones that I sent over:

I prepared these while I was at camp and they were so popular that I am running a class on them at Beachhouse Boulevard - tentatively on the 6th of December (they are Christmas Ornaments after all).

I also ran the class on the pendants shown on the same blog. It was a subset of a larger class I ran at Little Bits in Keysborough. I will post some photos as soon as I find my camera cord (or buy a new cable alltogether!).

I am off to Hobart for a couple of days' work this afternoon, so will post again later this week..



Teresa said...

I adore the christmas ornaments! Just fabulous.
Have a great time in Tassie!

Bevlea said...

Hey Liz... you've been tagged... check out my blog at

Lucy said...

Good to see you back in the land of Blog & pleased that you are feeling better.

NessH said...

good to hear you are feeling abit better and good to see you blogging the ornaments they are just stunning..thanks for sharing