Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bugger - I got sick again

Well all, this completely sux. I got the lurgie again and have been under the weather for 3 weeks! Needless to say the doctor is running a gazillion tests to find out the problems (like perhaps I DIDN'T have pneumonia earlier this year after all). Never mind, we shall press on regardless.

Throughout all of this though I have battled on with work... I must change my motto to be "you don't lie on your deathbed and think of the times you spent working late"... perhaps that will enforce a little more balance. This last month or so has been absolutely ridiculous.

Went to Perth for a couple of days for work (despite being sick as a dog) and saw the family on the weekend before Christmas. It was Mum's birthday on the 17th so we went out for lunch on the saturday with Mrs B. I haven't seen her in ages, and it was great to catch up. Here is a photo of Mrs B, my sister Bee and Mum at the restaurant.

Art wise I haven't managed much... I did a little piece for Greta for the ArtyOz Christmas round robin using cream and turquoise (and rust)...

but that has been about it really. I have been super busy with work and being sick so little time for pleasure.

I went to my friends Dom and Ian's house for Christmas day - it was fantastic. There were a few of us there, we had a huge lunch (and yes, there is a change in eating habits in my new year). I didn't manage a photo of everyone at the same time, but did get some great shots on the day. The new camera worked a treat.

The hosts with the most: Ian and Dom

Ian's Mum Alma (visiting from Cairns) and Dom's brother Lloyd (visiting from the UK)

Barry (sneaking ham off the table)

and Rob

(I tidied this shot up for him as he says he never has any good photos of himself)

This is in the evening, and you can see Dom, Rob, Alma and Ian

I even got into the (heated) pool!! (no photos of that thank god). The blowing up of the LiLo (not sure why the poms call it that) was a team effort...

and the compulsory picture of me. (If this doesn't provide incentive to get healthy....)

I am off to the farm this week for new years. I am playing Santa and taking up a bike and a pram - did I mention that the boxing day sales are the epitome of hell on earth...

blog you all later!


Judy said...

Hope you are feeling better. Happy new year.

NessH said...

Hi Liz...hope this year is better health wise for you...
Love that Christmas piece you made for Greta..stunning