Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A surprise & even more girlie swatness

I had only just press "publish" on my earlier blog post and the doorbell rang - it was the postie delivering me 2 books I had ordered from Amazon. The first is Michael deMeng's Secrets of Rusty Things - which I will be hunkering down with in bed this evening, and on the train tomorrow, and at my desk when I should be doing other things - perhaps I should call in sick instead - but what excuse??? Of course - I have come down with deMengie fever!!!!!

The other book I had ordered was this one:

I had seen a copy at Monika's and decided that I HAD to have it - it is a fantastic "bible" of paper altering techniques. I can thoroughly recommend it, and I intend to work my way through all the techniques in it over the next few months... that should keep my creativity levels up!

Inspired by the desire to begin working my way through paper transformed I thought I should knock off another set of ATC's that I have committed to (this one's due in April) - Beeswax, one of my favourite mediums.

I only have clear beeswax left at the moment, so thought I would go with a vibrantly coloured image to take advantage. I bought a stack of collage sheets from digitalcollagesheets.com the other week, and this gorgeous chubby-faced girl was on one of them. I printed her out on glossy 135gsm paper to really make her stand out through the beeswax. The background is dress pattern and a bit of old newspaper. Dymo labelling and copper tape to seal the edges, and viola! another set of ATC's. I am sending Barb in Wagga Wagga a very large parcel tomorrow!


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