Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snacking distractions & a fixation???

In a desperate attempt to stop myself from snacking (ie rummaging through the house looking for anything that resembled a treat) I sat down to finish all the rest of the projects that I could last night. This meant Vic stampers competition ATC's....

Left to right we have April (jigsaw piece) , May (rectangle) and June (star). I tried to stay away from red, but the pull is just too great, and I could only do 1 ATC in something else before I got sucked back into the void!

For those of you who have seen my arty fiddlings over the years you will know that red pops up again and again. For example we have this canvas:

and this book cover:

(hand-dyed red velvet - YUM!, must get more)

and this from inside said same book:

and this inside someone else's book:

and this collaborative book contribution:

For variety I will occaisionally intersperse the red with purple (well they are next to each other on the colour wheel). For example this is from A book which is ENTIRELY RED AND PURPLE:

must...... find....... another......... colour....... combination.

1 comment:

Bellany said...

Perhaps you are going through a 'red' period like picasso when through his 'blue' period. Its nice you showed my lovely 'Bee' canvas which is proudly on my sideboard table thing at home.