Tuesday, January 29, 2008

MOO Cards & Girlie Swatness

Well, I am feeling very good about myself - in fact I am giving myself a "girlie swat" badge for being so productive over the past few days. I *know* that gloating is not a very attractive emotion to display but I have almost completed all the swaps I have committed to to the end of June. I am almost 6 months ahead of schedule! WOW!!! I only have 9 Beeswax ATCs, a Kit Swap (all the bits sent to us, yet to arrive) and a couple of single ATC's for the competition at my monthly stamp meet. Not much at all really... I could even have them all knocked off by next week!

Here is the MOO card I completed for an ArtyOz swap. I found this very challenging - primarily because of the size - 2.8cm x 7cm (1.12" x 2.5" in the old language). Really, really small! Thankgoodness for the collections images I had floating around that were small enough to put on it. The background was a reject from the zetti back page because it was too dark.

This is an ATC for the PaperArts Yahoo group (of which I am a member) that had to use a peeled paper background. I really wanted to do something that was in a landscape format rather than portrait for a change - always working in the same paradigm tends to make my art a bit stuffy with a degree of "sameness". The image of the girls sitting on steps also lended itself to landscape format. I also used up some of my grungeboard (coloured with peeled paint distress ink pad) which I am enjoying using which is good considering how much I purchased! Grungeboard may be a feature on my work for a while!

(Cindy - I made an extra one of these for you, and it is on its way)


Lenna Andrews said...

I love your "moo" card, Liz! I had only seen these as made from photographs, not handmade -- until yesterday! I think it would be an interesting (yet small) space to work in. I would love to see more of the results from the swap! : ) Lenna

LizzieA01 said...

Thanks Lenna - as soon as I get them back I will post them up!