Sunday, March 8, 2009

Well, hellooo

Hi all,

Things are hotting up around my house at the moment - I am rushing to try and get organised for Creative Soul Retreat 2009... In addition to packing bags (which is based on a loose "piling" system at the moment) I have been rushing to finish 50 - yes, you heard it right, 50, little houses. And they all look like this:

Whew! (sorry about the crummy pic....)

Competition Time

Beachhouse Boulevard is running a monthly comp for scrapbooking - and (gasp) I have entered! What am I thinking??!!?? Oh well, true to form I refused to be too traditional, and if you look back to last month's blog entries you can see a post about 1 of my comp entries (yes, I did a couple) .

If you head over to the blog you can see all the entries, and there is some stiff competition.

Up in Tumba

Since my last post I have been back up to Tumba for Tumba fest weekend. I had a great time, and th0ught I would share a few photos...

wine (from a great little winery - Mannus wines)


and a creek

what a great day!

blog you later!



kelsey said...

Liz your houses are wonderful! I love that patina colour with the brown (I think it is?). Our streetscapes will surely rock!

(my word verification for this post was "ducklit"...who thinks of these words??? lol)

Joanne said...

I too love your little house Liz, can't wait to see the rest of the swaps.

LizzieA01 said...

Thanks girls! see you both this coming weekend...

Shan said...

Great photos! Sounds like a wonderful day indeed. Hope you are having a week full of inspirations.
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