Sunday, March 29, 2009

and the art OOZED from every pore (part 2)

I wanted to add a couple of extra photos from retreat for you all to enjoy...

The first is DJ Pettit's classroom - great views from the windows, and fantastic light!

This one is a snap of Joan McAlpine in Bernie's class with me. Boy, am I going to get in trouble for posting this one... but the concentration was something else!

You will all be aware of the 50 houses that I had to make for retreat (oh the pain), well I took a wooden ruler (an old yard one) for Joan and I, thinking that all 50 would fit. When we mounted them I had about 10 left over!!! Therefore 40 houses to a yard?

Here are some photos of the finished presentation :

and close ups of some additional decoration...

I have placed mine on the doorframe between the back and front part of the house. Having an old home, the ruler fits perfectly!

I will have some more things to share later today.


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Sam Marshall said...

Wow!!! The houses look wonderful. The retreat looked awesome. Love all your photos.