Saturday, March 21, 2009

and the art OOZED from every pore (part 1)

where to start with this blog post... from the beginning I suppose!

WOW, what a fantastic time I had at creative soul retreat! I am still a little tired, but artistically energised... This was the place we stayed at - Amberley (Stephanie's classroom was in that room with the arched windows).

I deliberately wanted to do a class with each tutor. DJ Pettit was my first on Saturday. Lovely lady, incredibly talented.

and I made this... isn't it great!

heaps of work for 1 day, and it is still not finished. pages to be done, beading at the bottom and on the spine, but I will get to that soon.

Day 2 was Stephanie Lee. WOW, never did I think that I could make jewellery like this.

Stephanie was a fantastic teacher... she made sure that every person in the class had some time with her (which is not something I usually get). I really appreciated what she did and have a newfound respect for jewellery artists.

Third day was Bernie Berlin, and this class was my FAVOURITE....

(I was too busy in the class doing art to remember to take a photo, so snapped one from afar in the break - but it is a lovely pic of both Steph and Bernie)

These pieces are great, and I am very happy with them. I struggled with the process a little, but will absolutely do it again (I was afraid of the bright red paint in the middle of the everything).

I will blog again later, but just wanted to get this one out today.




Dawnie said...

Love love LOVE what you creatd at the retreat Liz...what treasures !
Was lovely to put a face to the name and WOW !!! amazing art youve shared here.
Dawnie T

Gretz said...

Wasn't it a FANTASTIC retreat? HAve you signed up for next year?

Thanks for being a great roomie and putting up with my mess!

Jen Crossley said...

It was such a great retreat,was so good spending sometime with you

Eva said...

Liz ... as always, you're fun to have about and an inspiration with what you create. Fantastic work - I'm impressed and envious too!

Maybe next year Bev, Lucy and I will get a chance to actually make something ... and ... we're going to make certain of it next time round!

It was a fantastic exerience and I felt priveleged to be part of the CSR team. You and all the girls helped in making the Retreat such a success.

Lucy said...

Love all the art that OOZED from you at the retreat!!! Roll on 2010!
Hugs Lucy

Elizabeth Golden said...

Oh this looks like so much fun. I love Stephanie - so talented and nice - I love your necklace and the pieces from Ms. Berlin's class. I love the string.

Shelley Whiting said...

Your journal looked really cool. I love the textures and the bold collage elements. Beautiful and neat stuff.