Sunday, June 15, 2008

back on the wagon & 3 weeks of catch up

Doctor, its been 3 weeks since since my last blog entry.....

As you can all imagine, its been busy, busy, busy AT WORK! This work life "balance" thing needs to be renamed to work life "imbalance" for me. I have been having a VERY stressful time & not sleeping because of it... damn clients! Oh well, I am doing what I can to redress the issue, we shall see what transpires.

I have gotten back on the weightloss bandwagon, which languished for a while there (4 weeks actually) while all this cr%p was going on. Went back to JC this week and haven't gained / lost any weight at all. Still sitting at 91.5kg, so that is a good thing. I shall recommence the name and shame from next weekend.

I managed to get to Kathy's 1 day last weekend and had a great time with the girls... got a lot of stuff done on my nature collab book page... I blogged the background in my last post (3 weeks ago) ... and managed to complete the prototype. Yesterday I completed all the pages! Today I am backing them and tomorrow they are going postal. YAY!!! and here it is:

I think it came up fairly well. There will be a couple of centimeters of binding on the left, so it won't look so unbalanced once bound. I am supposed to do covers to send as well, but I am SO over it at the moment, that I will send blank ones and wait until it comes back before decorating.

I also managed to get another house chore done last weekend. I have been living here at #29 for 2 years this month (my god time flies), and before I moved in all my stuff, I converted the colour scheme in the main area (that includes the kitchen) from (cool) yellow/bright green to (warm) brown and mocha tones. The problem was that the strip of feature tiles in the kitchen was green - the same green as used on the walls. Boy did it clash!

see! so I got the tile paint to fix it and painted them on Sunday and finished them on the Monday public holiday. I am so pleased with the results - look for yourself....

Much improved... All I need to do now is floors and window treatments and the main room is done! Just need to find time to ring tradies to get them around for a quote..... which could be a challenge in itself.

I am off to see Prince Caspian today - the second of the Narnia series... can't wait. I am such a child - I haven't even had time to see the Sex & the City movie yet, and Narnia ranks above it in my preferences!! Fantasy v Prada, and fantasy wins - although in my life Prada = fantasy anyway!

cheers all

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